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nStrada is a subcutaneous implant that provides long-term, constant release of a wide range of drugs and biologics.

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NanoMedical Systems develops novel drug-delivery devices based on its proprietary nStrada™ nanofluidics platform for sustained release of chronic therapies. These devices can be loaded with a variety of drugs including small molecules, peptides, and proteins for subcutaneous implantation. The nStrada™ devices rely on diffusion (passive or controlled) to achieve steady-state drug concentrations within a few days and then maintain constant release for the duration of the implant. This performance represents a significant improvement over polymer-based implants and depots which suffer from an initial burst release and multiple weeks to achieve steady-state concentrations.

nStrada Drug Delivery Platform

The nStrada Drug Delivery Platform utilizes state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing methods and biocompatible materials and features a tunable high-density array of precision nanochannels that regulates the delivery of drug molecules from an internal reservoir. No power or moving parts are required for long-term constant delivery.


Nanochannel Chip Concept
Constant Delivery - Controlled Dose

nStrada Platform – Three Delivery Systems

Gen 1: Passive System

  • Constant release
  • Low dose volume/longer drug stability
  • Tested in-vitro & in-vivo (rodent, dog, pig)

Gen 2: Passive, Refillable

  • Constant Release
  • Higher doses/shorter drug stability
  • Tested in-vitro & in-vivo (non-human primates and pig)

Gen 3: Active Control

  • Remote control capability
  • Tunable release
  • Tested in-vitro & in-vivo (rodent)

Nanochannel Chip Drug Delivery Technology Platform Established

  • Successful in vitro studies with over 20 drugs (small – large molecules: 180 – 149,000 Da )
  • Successful in vivo studies with multiple drugs (small – large molecules)
  • Over 10 different animal studies utilizing multiple models: rat, mouse, dog, monkey

Competitive Analysis – Drug Delivery





Microscopic View of Nanochannel Chip (nCHP)

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