The PMDS Approach

The Personalized Molecular Drug-delivery System (PMDS) utilizes state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing methods and biocompatible materials and features a tunable high-density array of precision nanochannels that regulates the delivery of drug molecules from an internal reservoir.  No power or moving parts are required for long-term constant delivery.     


A Superior Implant – the PMDS

  • Dosing, duration, and shape are set independently

  • Provides constant drug release via nanochip

    • No “burst effect” or “bolus effect”

  • Long-term duration – weeks to 1+ year possible

  • Can be pre-loaded or loaded by physician during office procedure implantation

  • Wide range of applicable APIs

    • Suitable for small molecules, peptides, and proteins

    • High or low solubility

    • Demonstrated performance in vitro and in vivo

  • Capsule size & shape tailored independently of dosing

  • Well-defined “Combination Product” regulatory pathway 

An Advanced Chip – the nanoChannel Delivery System (nDS)

  • Nano-fluidics chip passively regulates outflow of drug

    • Nanochannel size tailored to drug molecule size  

    • Nanochannel number tailored to target dose rate

  • Proprietary materials, coatings, and nano-structures provide atomic-level in-body stability beyond 1 year

  • Smallest bio-robust, dense array nanochannels ever made

  • nDS manufactured in leading-edge chip factory

    • High reliability, reproducibility, and manufacturing quality (ISO 9001)

  • Design is directly scalable to high volume

    • NMS has fabricated thousands of nDS chips

Personalized Molecular Drug-delivery System (PMDS)


PDMS Concept