Clinical Challenge

PMDS Provides Compliance and Quality of Life

Millions of patients need steady chronic therapies for optimum health and quality of life. Unfortunately, conventional regimens often are plagued by poor delivery that results in swings in therapeutic serum levels.  This can lead to side-effects and, for many people, a motivation to discontinue their medication.  Non-compliance with prescriptions leads to lowered personal health, a significant incremental burden on the healthcare industry, and lost revenue for drug suppliers. The Personalized Molecular Drug-delivery System (PMDS) is a “hardware solution” for patient compliance that employs nanotechnology to provide sustained, controlled drug release within the optimal therapeutic range.  This translates to improved safety, therapeutic efficacy, and a long-term clinical solution to managing disease.  

Delivery Challenge

As see in the chart (below left), constant release is a goal in most drug therapies, but technologies such as injections, pills, and even other implants can lead to a wide range of drug levels in a person’s body.


     Innovation Through NanotechnologyHourGlass

The innovation lies in the nanofabrication of millions of “tiny channels” that each identically regulate the release of drug molecules from the implant’s drug reservoir (below right).  The PMDS operates somewhat like an hour glass but at the level of molecules!  The nano-sized channels are specifically engineered and customized in size and number for the target drug molecule and the target dose. 


Release CurvePhysics

Personalized Molecular Drug-delivery System (PMDS)



PDMS Concept