nHance(TM) Peptide Capture System (PCS)


nHance™ PCS can simplify your peptide and protein sample preparation for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis. The nHance™ PCS 96-Well Plate is an innovative sample processing solution for peptide enrichment of biological fluids that enables LCMS analysis. The nHance™ PCS is the first product to provide customers with a solution specifically engineered to address the evolution of interest from small molecule drugs to “biologics”.

nHance™ PCS – Peptide Capture System 96 well plate

  • Designed specifically for peptides
  • Standard 96-Well Plate Format
  • Fast, simple and more cost-effective than SPE
  • Label-free peptide enrichment
  • Linear, accurate, and precise results
  • Unsurpassed suppression of matrix effects
  • No special equipment required (e.g. vacuum manifolds)

nHance - NanoMedical Systems, Inc.