Clinical Challenge

The clinical challenge for the field of diagnostics is developing a simple device that can provide a rapid, low-cost, sensitive, and selective method for detection of disease.  Proteomic/peptidomic analysis is the state-of-the-art approach for using molecular biomarkers for their diagnostic potential.

The technical challenge in the biomarker approach is that this strategy is usually predicated on the use of high-cost and/or slow detection equipment/methods, especially mass spectrometry (MS) analysis.  Although MS is capable of identifying/quantifying large, highly abundant proteins, in a typical biological sample containing a broad spectrum of proteins, MS can be limited by signal masking in detecting low abundance, small proteins and peptides, which are more clinically significant.  

The nanoMedical Diagnostic (NMD) chip provides a revolutionary tool for the capture and enrichment of these clinically relevant proteins and peptides to enhance the detecting power of MS analysis.        

Nano Fractionation

NanoMedical Diagnostics (NMD)

NMD System