At NanoMedical Systems, we firmly believe in Nanotechnology Transforming Drug Delivery® and that our advanced generations of passive and smart devices and nanostructured materials will usher in a new era of therapeutics – The New Pharma®. We also believe and have seen that nanoscale structures can transform other technologies and bring about new eras in other industry sectors as well.

In order to best develop our own advanced nanotechnology-based drug delivery and diagnostic products, NanoMedical Systems has combined a core team of experts and a formal quality system for development processes. We are now partnering with other companies to bring our capabilities to bear on their challenges.

NMS can execute with skill, agility, innovation, and precision to create nanotechnology products, components, and solutions. This includes products that must meet regulatory requirements in their design and manufacture.

NMS Core Competency includes:

  • Medical device development, including implantable and Class III devices and injectible microparticles

  • Advanced semiconductor processing, including micromachining (MEMS), nanofabrication, and porosification

  • Handling and assembly of chips and devices 

  • Medical device quality systems to oversee design, testing, and manufacturing

NMS Academic and Industry Partners have expertise in:

  • Nano-medicine and Formulation

  • Pharmaceutical interactions with devices

  • Advanced semiconductor processing and materials characterization

  • Medical device materials, mechanical fabrication, and sterilization

  • Handling and assembly of nanoporous silicon devices and microstructures

Flexible modes for R&D projects include:

  • Time & materials;  Fixed cost;  Consulting

  • Product/Component/Process development with design transfer