Management Team


CEO – Randy Goodall, PhD

  • 30 years advanced technology development management

  • R&D: Software Systems;  Precision Equipment Product Development;  Medical Devices

  • 14 years managing leading-edge Chip/Fab/Equipment R&D at Sematech

  • Technology consortium business development

  • Caltech / Univ of Oregon – BS / PhD in Physics

VP Global Markets – David Leon 

  • 25 years of medical device commercialization experience in senior sales & marketing management

  • Track record includes scaling product revenue and product adoption models from zero to $30M-$60M in annual revenue. 

  • Companies include Astra Zenica, Intuitive Surgical, EndoGastric Solutions, Datascope, CardioDynamics.  

  • Created customer focused business/commercialization models for rapid product/technology adoption

  • Univ of Memphis – BA in Communications

VP of Development – Jason H. Sakamoto, PhD

  • 17 years experience in Biotechnology

  • Nanomedicine, Medical Devices, Drug/Device R&D

  • Clinical translation and business development

  • Former Co-Chair & Assistant Professor of Houston Methodist Research Institute Dept. of Nanomedicine

  • UC Berkeley / Ohio State – BS in Materials / PhD in Biomedical Eng.

Mgr Silicon R&D – Sharath Hosali, PhD

  • 21 years experience in product development and Integration

  • Leading-edge semiconductor/ MEMS process, equipment, materials research & development

  • Expertise in Nanoporous materials, Nanochannels and planar /3D Interconnects.

  • Engineering and program management at Dow Chemical, Philips, Sematech.

  • Indian Institute of Technology / Rensselaer – BS / PhD Materials Science