Company Overview

Nano-Medical Focus

NanoMedical Systems (NMS: Austin, TX) is an innovation company focused on the commercialization of revolutionary silicon-based medical nanotechnology products that address unmet clinical needs for personalized medicine.

NMS was founded in 2007 to develop the nano-medicine concepts emanating from the academic research laboratory of Dr. Mauro Ferrari, today established at the Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI) located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center.

Our technology platforms embody semiconductor, biotechnology, nano-materials, and medical sciences. NMS is in the vanguard of technology convergence to harness the transformative power of “Moore’s Law” and nanotechnology with the goal of changing how people are diagnosed and therapeutically treated.  

The Company has nanofabrication, medical device, and drug delivery expertise and works with technology and medical research partners for fast, agile, and capital-efficient R&D.

We are … The New Pharma®